Instituto Superior Técnico

Ethics Committee


Ref. n.º 1/2023 (CE-IST) 28/01/2023
Rui Filipe Fernandes Prada – “A Human-AI Collaboration Study using the Geometry Friends Game”

Ref. n.º 2/2023 (CE-IST) 02/02/2023
Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau – “Name of the project: Inclusion through Play: Co-designing Inclusive Robots with Neurodivergent and Neurotypical Children”

Ref. n.º 3/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 20/02/2023
Nuno Henrique Varela Canha – “HypnosAir – Understanding the impact of air quality on sleep quality considering an integrated human exposure approach”

Ref. n.º 4/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 27/02/2023
Hugo Humberto Plácido da Silva  – “Smarter Cardiac Sensing via Integrated Signal Processing

Ref. n.º 5/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 13/03/2023
Hugo Humberto Plácido da Silva – “Evaluation of a Smart Chair System for Workplace Monitoring

Ref. n.º 6/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 01/04/2023
Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau – “Touching Stories: Enabling Inclusive Storytelling through a Multisensory Platform”

Ref. n.º 7/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 03/04/2023
Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos – “A Student Coach Agent for College Students”

Ref. n.º 8/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 05/04/2023
Susana Marta Almeida – “ECF4CLIM – A European Competence Framework for a Low Carbon Economy and Sustainability Through Education

Ref. n.º 9/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 02/05/2023
Teresa Alexandra de Almeida Joaquim – “Um Estudo Exploratório sobre a Utilização das Tecnologias de Auto-monitorização pela Comunidade LGBTQIA+”

Ref. n.º 10/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 03/05/2023
Simão José Pereira Rocha – “Role of microbial metabolites in regulating hypothalamic pathways involved in feeding behavior”

Ref. n.º 11/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 25/05/2023
Filipe Manuel Mercier Vilaça e Moura – “Mobility as a Service and Socio-Territorial Inequalities”

Ref. n.º 12/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 01/06/2023
Hugo Humberto Plácido da Silva – “Effect of Dynamic Activities in Respiratory Cycles Assessment

Ref. n.º 13/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 06/06/2023
Ferit Serkan Ongel – “Questionário para os membros do sindicato afiliados à FIEQUIMETAL sobre mudanças climáticas e condições de vida

Ref. n.º 14/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 07/06/2023
Rui Filipe Fernandes Prada – “Studying Responses to Prosocial Norm Violations Using Short Gamified Scenarios”

Ref. n.º 15/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 07/06/2023
Susana Marta Lopes Almeida – “InChildHealth – Identifying determinants for indoor air quality and their health impact in environments for children: measures to improve indoor air quality and reduce disease burdens”

Ref. n.º 16/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 14/06/2023
Joana Campos – “The Colour Monster: A robot-assisted storytelling educational game on emotion recognition and regulation for children

Ref. n.º 17/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 22/06/2023
Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau – “Challenges and Opportunities for AI in Cancer Multidisciplinary Teams”

Ref. n.º 18/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 22/06/2023
João Orlando Marques Gameiro Folgado – “Computational estimation of muscle and joint reaction forces in running with different running shoes

Ref. n.º 19/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 28/06/2023
Alberto Sardinha – “Trustworthy Ad Hoc Teamwork”

Ref. n.º 20/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 07/07/2023
Sandra Gama – “Measure the expression of the Phantom Effect in Information Visualization”

Ref. n.º 21/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 29/07/2023
Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau – “Excluded by Robots: How do children react to Robot-Robot-Human Interaction?

Ref. n.º 22/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 02/08/2023
Teresa Alexandra de Almeida Joaquim  – “Exploring Consent and Digital Privacy in Intimate Health Data”

Ref. n.º 23/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 07/09/2023
Paolo Romano – “ Machine Learning Model Retrain in Practice – Interview study”

Ref. n.º 24/2023 (CE-IST) Date: 07/09/2023
Ana Maria Severino de Almeida Paiva – “Can emotion-displaying mediator robots promote human pro-sociality in public goods games?”