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Comissão de Ética


Ref. n.º 1/2024 (CE-IST) 11/01/2024
Ana Isabel Loupa Ramos – “Fire-B-aware: Perceção do risco de incêndio dos alunos do ensino básico e das suas famílias em Portugal”

Ref. n.º 2/2024 (CE-IST) 12/01/2024
Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau – “Emotions2All: Supporting Emotional and Social Wellbeing of Stroke Survivors through Digital Interactions with the Care Network”

Ref. n.º 3/2024 (CE-IST) 21/02/2024
Miguel Pedro Tavares da Silva – “Development of an Advanced Multibody Musculoskeletal Model of the Human Movement to Improve Device-Assisted Gait: Application to Mobility Solutions”

Ref. n.º 4/2024 (CE-IST) 21/02/2024
Sílvia Manuela Branco Jorge – “Habitação como ‘1.º Direito’: Enfrentando a precariedade habitacional na Europa contemporânea. Contribuições a partir da realidade portuguesa

Ref. n.º 5/2024 (CE-IST) Date: 01/03/2024

Mónica Duarte Correia de Oliveira – “Aligning actionable monitoring with health technology assessment in remote care interventions: towards a value-based management dashboard for a heart failure program”

Ref. n.º 6/2024 (CE-IST) Date: 01/03/2024

Carlos António Roque Martinho – “Preference-Based Student Team Assignment

Ref. n.º 7/2024 (CE-IST) Date: 07/03/2024

Simão José Teixeira da Rocha – “Decoding Genomic Imprinting in TBRS: Biomarkers, Models, and Therapeutic Insights”

Ref. n.º 8/2024 (CE-IST) 09/04/2024
Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau – “Equipas Multidisciplinares Auxiliadas por LLM

Ref. n.º 9/2024 (CE-IST) 16/04/2024
Maria do Rosário Sintra de Almeida Partidário – “The Influence of Marine Protected Areas in Small-Scale Fisheries

Ref. n.º 10/2024 (CE-IST) 22/04/2024
Hugo Miguel Aleixo Albuquerque Nicolau – “The Effects of Observing Robotic Exclusion on Children’s Prosociality and Basic Needs: The
Role of Empathy and Group Belongingness

Ref. n.º 11/2024 (CE-IST) 22/04/2024
Joaquim Armando Pires Jorge – “Equipas Multidisciplinares Auxiliadas por LLM

Ref. n.º 12/2024 (CE-IST) 03/05/2024
Filipa Isabel Nogueira Correia – “A Robot that Plays with Mixed-Hearing Abilities Children”

Ref. n.º 13/2024 (CE-IST) 28/05/2024
Mónica Duarte Correia de Oliveira – “Exploring the assessment of non-invasive ventilation devices within a pediatric setting: insights from a qualitative study with hospital professionals”

Ref. n.º 14/2024 (CE-IST) 05/06/2024
Joana Carvalho Filipe de Campos – “Decision-Making in “Coins”. A Web-Based Experiment to explore how intuitive-based memory mechanisms in artificial agents affect perceptions of trust in humans”

Ref. n.º 15/2024 (CE-IST) 10/07/2024
Filipa Isabel Nogueira Correia – “Extracting an Inventory of Robomorphic Traits “